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Investor's trading position in Scania

In conjunction with Volkswagen’s bid for the outstanding shares in Scania, Investor discloses that it has a trading position of 3.1 million shares in Scania. As a trading position, the holding in Scania is an investment with a limited investment horizon, not included in Investor’s long-term strategic investments. Investor will await the recommendation by the independent representatives on Scania’s Board of Directors and the prospectus from Volkswagen before deciding on how to respond to the bid.


Investor comments the article in SvD Näringsliv November 12, 2013

On November 12, 2013, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published an article regarding Investor's tax structure for partner-owned and wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Read our comment to the article in full, here below (available in Swedish).


Vårdapoteket - development during Investor Growth Capital's ownership

Read the full comment regarding the development of Vårdapoteket during Investor Grwoth Capital's ownership, below (availible in Swedish).


Clarification regarding the Board of Director's annual compensation for 2012

For a clarification regarding the Board of Director's annual compensation for 2012, see attached document below (available in Swedsih).


Information regarding the inaccurate disclosure in Biotage/Active Biotech

On March 11, Investor formally disclosed the purchase of shares in Active Biotech, as previously announced on March 6. The disclosure was carried out by law firm Roschier. Of yet to be determined reasons, the disclosure which was sent out at 13:42 pm, was wrongly headlined as Biotage. The ISIN-code, describing which stock the disclosure refers to was correct (Active Biotech), however the company name was incorrect. The FSA(Finansinspektionen) sent out a correction at 13:53 pm where the company name had been corrected to Active Biotech. We are currently, together with Roschier, investigating how this error could occur and we have requested further information from the FSA regarding this matter. Until this issue has been resolved, we will handle all disclosures manually.

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Karolinska Institutet establishes a professorship in innovative care and health care

Investor AB donates SEK 10 million to the establishment of a professorial chair in the field of innovative care and health care at Karolinska Institutet.

Read the full press release below.


Editorial presenting the launch of Forum för välfärd

On June 30 an editorial was published in Dagens Nyheter presenting the launch of the new initiative "Forum för välfärd", in which Investor is represented by Börje Ekholm and Peter Wallenberg Jr. .

Read the article below (in Swedish).


Marcus Wallenberg interviewed in Financial Times

On April 5 Marcus Wallenberg was featured in Financial Times. In the interview Marcus Wallenberg talks about the history of Investor AB and the importance of having a healthy banking system.

Read the full article below on the Financial Times homepage.


Börje Ekholm and Anders Nyrén featured in Financial Times

On March 21, Financial Times published an exclusive interview with Börje Ekholm and Anders Nyrén, Industrivärden. The interview is focused on how Swedish business is being cast as a model for long-term stability and growth.

Read the full article below (subscription to needed).


Editorial about our involvement in the healthcare sector

In today’s Dagens Industri, an editorial written by Peter Wallenberg Jr. (Chairman FAM and board member Investor and Aleris) and Börje Ekholm was published. The article highlights the importance of securing the welfare of the health and care sector and how the discussions regarding ownership structure and profit should not overshadow the big challenges we together face ahead.

Read the article below (in Swedish).

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