Listed Core Investments

Listed Core Investments consists of our listed portfolio companies in which we are a significant minority owner.

Our listed core investments are ABB, AstraZeneca, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, Husqvarna, Nasdaq, Saab, SEB, Sobi and Wärtsilä. These are multinational companies with strong market positions and proven track records. In general, we believe that our listed core investments are well positioned and we work continuously to support them remaining or becoming best-in-class.

Our way of working
We own significant minority stakes in our listed core investments which creates a solid base for active ownership and is a prerequisite to be able to influence board composition and to impact key strategic decisions. As an active owner, we strive to ensure that our listed core investments have the best boards possible and through our value creation plans, we support them to maintain or achieve best-in-class positions. We always look at the opportunities and challenges facing each individual company. Our aspiration is for all our companies to perform better than their peers and to reach their full potential. Our base case is not to divest companies, but rather to develop them over time, as long as we see further value creation potential. While we do not actively seek new investments within Listed Core Investments, we do not rule out additional investments, should attractive opportunities arise.

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