Business Model

What we do

We are an engaged long-term owner that actively supports the building and development of best-in-class companies. Through substantial ownership and board participation, we drive the initiatives that we believe will create the most value for each individual company. Ultimately this creates value for our shareholders and for society at large.

How we do it

Strong industrial network
Investor was founded by the Wallenberg family in 1916, and is an engaged owner of high-quality, global companies. We use our extensive professional network to identify and evaluate attractive business opportunities.

Strong financial flexibility
Our strong balance sheet and cash flow allow us to support our companies long-term, capture investment opportunities and pay a steadily rising dividend.

Highly skilled employees
We focus on the long-term development of our employees and offer opportunities to continuously learn and build skills and knowledge. A strong corporate culture, which is open and adapts to changes in the outside world, is key if we are to be able to recruit and retain key competence.

Best-in-class boards
We are often the largest shareholder in our companies and exercise our influence through our representatives on the boards. We leverage our network to find the best board candidates for our companies and always work with the opportunities and challenges facing each individual company.

Value creation plans
Our business teams, consisting of our board representatives, investment managers and analysts, develop value creation plans for each company, identifying strategic key value drivers for the next three to five years. We maintain a close and continuous dialog around value creation with our companies’ boards and CEOs. The plans typically focus on:

  • operational excellence,
  • profitable growth,
  • corporate health,
  • industrial structure,
  • innovation,
  • talent management,
  • sustainability, and
  • capital structure.

Created impact in 2018

4% Total shareholder Return

SEK 9.2bn paid dividend,

of which

SEK 2.1bn to our main owner, the Wallenberg foundations whose purpose is to grant funding to scientific research in Sweden.

We create value for people and society by building strong, sustainable businesses

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