Business Principles and our Core Values

Our business concept is to generate attractive long-term returns for our shareholders by owning and developing companies with solid potential for value creation.

In order to deliver on this commitment we must maintain the highest standards in everything we do. High ethical standards are an integral part of our way of doing business. To guide all employees in the values which underpin our behavior and the conduct expected of every Investor employee, we have developed Business Principles that are printed in the Investor Business Road Map (Our Map).

Our Core values

  • Create value: we create value in everything we do with a long-term view and short-term impatience.
  • Continuous improvement: we think forward - there is always a better way.
  • Contribute your view: we state, listen to and respect different views. We encourage integrity, openness and dialogue. When a decision is made, we take our responsibility.
  • Care for people: we are fair and open with one another. We contribute to growth and success as individuals and in teams. We are accountable for the results.
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