Control functions

Risk Control
The Risk Control function is responsible for coordinating the internal reporting of Investor’s significant risks at the aggregate level. Using the risk policy approved by the Board as framework, the Risk Control function identifies and monitors the major risks that Investor is exposed to. The Risk Control function reports to the Audit and Risk Committee.

The Compliance function supports Investor’s compliance with laws and regulations, and maintains internal regulatory systems and education to this end. The Compliance function reports to the Audit and Risk Committee.

Internal Control
Internal Control is a review function and provides objective support to the Board on matters relating to the internal control structure, partly by investigating major areas of risk and partly by performing reviews and follow-ups in selected areas. The Internal Control function plans its work in consultation with the Audit and Risk Committee, the Management Group and the external auditor. It also regularly provides reports on its work to the Audit and Risk Committee during the year

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