The Board appoints the CEO and approves the Instruction for the CEO. The CEO is responsible for the daily operation of the business. The CEO's responsibilities include, among other things, ongoing investments and divestments, personnel, finance and accounting issues and regular contact with the company’s stakeholders and the financial market.

The CEO reports to the Board and ensures that it is provided with the requisite material for making well-informed decisions. The CEO is also a member of the Investor Board and  attends all Board meetings except for when his performance is under evaluation and when the Board meets the auditor without the presence of the Management.
The CEO has appointed a Management Group that has day-to-day responsibility for different parts of Investor’s business.  Each member of the Management Group is responsible for one or more departments. The Extended Management Group consists of the Management Group, together with Co-heads for Patricia Industries and Head of Human Resources.

The Management Group meets regularly to decide and follow up on business activities, current projects and other issues, and to discuss personnel and organizational issues. The Management Group also holds meetings focused on the company’s strategy and risk assessment four to five times a year. The Management Group regularly works with specific business transactions. The Extended Management Group meets approximately six times a year.

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