Diversity and Inclusion

We are convinced that people with different minds make all the difference

Investor is a small organization where each individual has the opportunity to impact the overall development. We strongly believes that organizations that are characterized by diversity and inclusion, and thus people with different perspectives and experiences build stronger and more dynamic teams. We want to make the best use of the total talent base available and recruit, promote and compensate on the basis of merit, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, union membership or political opinion and we do not tolerate discrimination.

Our organization is well diversified in terms of age, gender and expertise. We regularly collect salary benchmark data to ensure that we offer competitive and equal compensation. Our ambition is to continue to have a diverse slate of candidates when we hire. We have a zero tolerance policy against all forms of harassment and discrimination and, in 2018, our whistleblowing procedure was made available for external stakeholders.

Policy and internal rules

Our diversity and inclusion policy is approved by the Board of Directors and our internal rules are approved by the Management Group. Those rules are aimed at providing guidance on how to embrace inclusion and diversity and execute on the policy. A strategy and defined targets are in place to ensure that the work is focused on relevant areas. Investor’s targets are updated regularly in cooperation with a working group consisting of HR-representatives and employees. Among other things, the targets cover areas such as diversity in the recruitment process, training and competence development and work against discrimination and harassment. The targets are monitored and followed up by HR on a regular basis.


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