Our Employees

Our highly skilled employees and board representatives are at the center of our business model. We are convinced that top quality individuals with different minds make all the difference. We strive to create a sustainable and attractive workplace that is truly purpose driven and where our people feel that they, based on our core values, can contribute and develop.

Our culture guides our actions

We work continuously to enhance our corporate culture. We believe a strong culture, which is open and adapts to the changes in the outside world, is important if we are to successfully achieve our goals and be able to recruit and retain key competences.We strive to create a sustainable and attractive workplace that is truly purpose driven and where our people feel that they, based on our core values, can contribute and develop.

In 2018, we ran our regular employee engagement survey and came out with strong results versus the external benchmark on all indices including Engagement, Leadership, Team efficiency and Psychosocial work environment. Our strongest scores are linked to Values and Pride. 100 percent of our employees stated that they are familiar with our values and 97 percent declared that they act according to them and that they are proud of working at Investor. Areas to work on are individual feedback and follow-up.

Competence development

The primary focus for competence development and up-skilling of our employees is on the job training. We also offer different opportunities to continuously learn and develop both in the short- and long-term perspective. These include external trainings, such as leadership and mentoring programs but also job rotations to portfolio companies. We regularly organize internal activities to encourage a learning organization and promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Such activities could be theme meetings, Investorfocus-group discussions and conferences. We run impact and development discussions with the overall objective to foster an environment where people can continuously grow and develop throughout a career and reach their full potential. Individual goals are reviewed throughout the year including two formal check-ins.

Our philosophy on remuneration – in short

  • Total remuneration should be competitive in order to attract the right person to the right place at the right time.
  • A substantial part of the total remuneration should be variable.
  • The remuneration should be linked to long-term shareholder returns. We encourage our employees to invest in Investor shares.
  • The remuneration principles should be transparent.
  • The remuneration should adhere to the “grandparent principle”, i.e. all changes in the employee’s remuneration are to be approved by the supervisor of the manager proposing the change.

Collective bargaining agreement

Investor mirrors the collective bargaining agreement for the banking community and offer our employees the same or better benefits.

Employees in numbers as of 2018:

92 employees with an average age of 43 years 

78 employees in Stockholm, 11 in New York, 2 in Palo Alto, 1 in Amsterdam

50/50 % women and men distribution 

50/50 % women and men in the extended management group

9 700 SEK in average investment per employee in external training

8 % staff turnover

15 weeks of maternity leave on average among female employees in Stockholm

9 week of paternity leave on average among male employees in Stockholm

2 % average sick leave in & of total working time 


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