Best-in-Class Boards

We exercise our influence through our representation on the companies’ boards. We spend much of our time to develop our strong industrial network and to find and develop talent. This so that we can ensure that the best people with different competences and experiences are appointed to our boards.

Active Board Work

Investor is often the largest shareholder in our companies and we always work with the opportunities and challenges facing each individual company. We depend on the boards to ensure the building of strong and healthy companies for the long-term, while at the same time creating the needed urgency around short-term performance.

We believe in boards of limited size, which still allows for sufficient breadth of capabilities while ensuring a high level of individual accountability and time commitment. Our experience is that a well-functioning board is diverse in terms of age, gender and background. The board should include individuals with relevant industrial, functional and geographic knowledge which is not too narrow or specific. Most importantly, the board should have the experience and competence necessary to support the company’s long-term ambitions. Investor expects the boards to engage in strategic issues in order to ensure investments in long-term attractive opportunities. We strive for strong alignment with the chairperson and regularly invite all chairpersons in our companies to a “Chairs’ Circle” to discuss key trends and share knowledge.

We create value for people and society by building strong, sustainable businesses

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