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2015 Johan Forssell was appointed President and CEO. Investor introduced a new portfolio structure consisting of Listed Core Investments, EQT and Patricia Industries. Patricia Industries made its first U.S. investment through the acquisition of BraunAbility. Investor acquired additional shares in ABB, strengthening our ownership to 10 percent. Investor committed SEK 3.2 bn. to EQT VII, EQT’s largest fund to date. Investor intensified its focus on sustainability.

Johan Forssell, President and CEO, Investor 

2016 Laborie is acquired and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary. Laborie designs and commercializes
innovative diagnostic and therapeutic capital equipment and disposable products for the urology, gastroenterology, and labor & delivery markets. Investor celebrates 100 years of being an engaged, long-term and responsible owner of high-quality companies.

2017 Investor makes additional investments in Ericsson and several of the listed companies make strategic acquisitions. Patricia Industries receives SEK 6bn in distribution from its companies, mainly from Mölnlycke. Investor starts to provide estimated market values for the subsidiaries and partner-owned investments within Patricia Industries.

2018 Many of Investor's companies and Investor itself take significant steps for long-term value creation. Epiroc becomes Investor's 12th listed company following its spin-off from Atlas Copco. ABB announces the divestiture of Power Grids. Investor makes additional investments in Ericsson, Electrolux and Saab, and Patricia Industries acquires two new subsidiaries: Piab (Sweden) and Sarnova (U.S.). MSCI upgrades Investor's ESG rating to A (BBB).

2019 Investor invests in ABB and Electrolux announces its intention to spin off Professional as a separate company. Patricia Industries' major subsidiaries report good sales and profit growth. Aleris is divested. EQT is successfully listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, with Investor remaining as the lead owner. As part of its stepped-up efforts within sustainability, and in order to further future-proof its companies, Investor identifies three focus areas: Business Ethics & Governance, Climate & Resource Efficiency and Diversity & Inclusion, and sets long-term sustainability targets for its companies and itself.

2020 was dominated by the covid-19 pandemic. Our companies were quick to adapt by taking action to safeguard employees, support customers, lower costs and secure liquidity. Within Listed Companies, we invested SEK 3.4bn in ABB, Ericsson and Electrolux Professional, which became our 13th listed company. Patricia Industries acquired Advanced Instruments, the global leader in osmolality testing. We continued to drive our sustainability agenda, launching focus areas and targets to further future-proof our companies.


2021 continued to be dominated by the covid-19 pandemic. In mid-April, Patricia Industries divested Grand Group and the Grand Hôtel property, as the hotel segment does not fit with our investment priorities. Investor sharpened its climate targets further and joined the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero campaign ahead of COP26 through the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. During the fall, Atlas Antibodies, previously part of Financial Investments, was presented as a major subsidiary. Atlas Antibodies is a global developer of advanced reagents for biomedical research.

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