Our Business Concept

We are an engaged and long-term owner

We are an engaged long-term owner that actively supports the building and development of best-in-class companies. Through substantial ownership and board participation, we drive the initiatives that we believe will create the most value for each individual company. Ultimately this creates value for our shareholders and for society at large.

We buy-to-build best-in-class companies

Our investment philosophy is “buy-to-build”, and to develop our companies over time, as long as we see further value creation potential. The ambition is for our companies to maintain or achieve best-in-class positions, i.e. outperform competition, and reach full potential.

We focus on building sustainable businesses

We have a long tradition of being a responsible owner and company. We firmly believe that sustainability integrated in the business model is a prerequisite for creating long-term value.

We create value for people and society by building strong, and sustainable businesses

Investor AB's Interim Report Q2 2019

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An engaged owner of high-quality companies

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