Engaged Ownership

We believe in engaged ownership and take a long-term investment perspective. Our ambition is for our companies to remain or become best-in-class, to outperform competition and reach their full potential.

Execution is key

The future of our companies depends on their capacity to drive change and their willingness to invest for the long-term. We encourage innovation, creativity, collaboration and relentless execution, so that our companies can be successful and grow profitably over time. 

Cash flow generation

Over the past decade, we have established strong cash flow generation based on dividends from our listed core investments, distribution from Patricia Industries’ companies and net proceeds from our investments in EQT. This cash flow allows us to finance investments in both existing and new companies and to pay a steadily rising dividend.

We create value for people and society by building strong, and sustainable businesses

Investor AB's Interim Report Q2 2019

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An engaged owner of high-quality companies

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