Sustainable business

Investor firmly believes that focus on sustainability is critical and that it offers attractive opportunities. Companies that are best-in-class when it comes to operating in a sustainable way will be able to provide superior products and services and recruit the best employees, thereby outperforming their competitors longer-term.

Investor has a long tradition of acting as a responsible company, owner and employer. We are fully committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and we support the UN Global Compact and the OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The company’s basic principle is that long-term profitability and shareholder value is ensured by taking into account the interests of stakeholders, such as shareholders, holdings, employees, suppliers, government, media, local communities and society as a whole.

Guidelines and policies
Investor’s Board of Directors, in cooperation with its Management Group, has formulated an internal framework on how Investor shall act as a responsible company, owner and  employer, and reflect the UN Global Compact’s ten principles. These topics are addressed in the Code of Conduct and the internal policies for Anti-Corruption, Corporate Responsibility and Whistleblowing. Every employee and representative of the company is expected to comply with these policies. Investor’s Code of Conduct can be found on our website.

As part of our ownership philosophy, Investor strives to ensure that the companies we invest in, and have influence in, conduct their operations in a responsible and ethical manner.

We have high expectations of our holdings regarding Corporate Responsibility (CR) issues. We believe that there is a strong link between long-term profitability and sustainability, and we support our holdings to develop sustainable business models.

As an industrial holding company, our main focus lies in our role as a responsible owner, as this is where we can make the most impact. The risks vary depending on company, industry and country, and consist among others of geographical risks, environmental risks, political climate, brand risks as well as supplier risks. 

Implementation and monitoring
Investor pays consideration to CR-related matters in our investing activities. As we believe focus on sustainable business is a prerequisite of building long-term profitability and shareholder value, it is natural for Investor’s analysts to monitor the development and reporting in our existing holdings on an ongoing basis and to include sustainability aspects in the analysis for new investments.

If a serious CR-related matter occurs, the employee who becomes aware of the matter is responsible for raising the matter internally within Investor and directly with the company through our board representatives. The analysts are responsible for following up the steps the company takes and report to relevant people within Investor. 

Sustainability progress 2015
Investor’s sustainability work was intensified in 2015. Within the Management Group, the Head of Corporate Relations, Sustainability and Communications is responsible for our sustainability work, and employees within our different departments are actively engaged in this work. We also updated and improved the Investor sustainability guidelines for our holdings and a process for a more structured follow-up of our holdings’ sustainability work was initiated.

During the year, Investor had an ongoing dialog with the portfolio companies and worked to support all holdings through their Boards of Directors and via formal and informal contacts.

Human rights
Investor supports the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and the OECD guidelines on  multinational Enterprises. We also support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights.

Investor expects all holdings to continuously improve their work with human rights.

Investor shall ensure compliance with labor and employment laws, including working hours. Furthermore, the right to collective bargaining is recognized in Investor and through the Code of Conduct, it is also stated that no colleagues should be discriminated against because of age, gender, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital or maternity status, union membership or political opinion, among others. Violations connected to discrimination must be reported to the closest manager, HR or through our whistleblower system.

Investor expects all holdings to continuously improve labor and working conditions.

Investor’s direct environmental impact is limited, but we always strive to avoid unnecessary impact on the environment and to further reduce environmental impact. During 2015 Investor decided to carbon-offset flights. In accordance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and Swedish law, Investor has initiated a process to analyze its energy use. The analysis will result in proposals on actions that can be taken to reduce Investor’s energy use further.

Investor expects all holdings to continually reduce their environmental impact and to encourage their stakeholders, such as suppliers and trading partners, to meet the same expectations. 

It is of the highest importance that Investor and our holdings adhere to and comply with all given legislations and regulations as well as setting their own bar for how to act and behave in society – always with the highest possible ethics.

Investor expects all holdings to continually improve their work against corruption and bribery.

Gifts and benefits 
Investor has high expectations of ethical and moral business behavior to protect Investor's brand and reputation. Investor will not under any circumstances tolerate corruption or bribery (including so-called facilitation payments), i.e. gifts or benefits aimed at influencing behavior. Investor complies with applicable laws and the Code of Business Conduct published by the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute. In line with this, Investor has internal rules aimed at providing guidance to evaluate what is appropriate and not appropriate in professional relations regarding, among other things, gifts and benefits. According to these guidelines, the gifts and benefits given and received shall always be characterized by openness and moderation. In doubtful situations, the immediate supervisor shall always be informed.

In order to sensitize the organization of internal rules, regular trainings are being held and internal regulations are available on Investor's intranet. Investor's internal regulations are monitored and updated as needed, at least annually.

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