Our sustainability work as an owner

We have high expectations on our companies’ sustainability efforts, guided by our sustainability guidelines and the company specific focus areas.

During the year, Investor developed a more structured approach to sustainability as a long-term, responsible and active owner, as this is where we have the most impact. Our most important contribution is when our companies improve their competitiveness, by for example developing innovative products and services that reduce energy and water consumption, as well as improving waste management and human conditions.

Investor's guidelines 
Investor’s sustainability guidelines describe our basic expectations which are applicable to all our companies. We expect them to;

  • act responsibly and in an ethical manner,
  • comply with local and national legislation in each country of operation,
  • continuously improve social, environmental and economic impact,
  • analyze risks, formulate objectives and to have adequate processes to manage and monitor sustainability risks,
  • sign and adhere to the UN Global Compact and its ten principles as well as the OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises,
  • in an appropriate form, transparently report sustainability objectives, risks and progress,
  • encourage and promote diversity in the organizations,
  • have an active dialog with stakeholders such as suppliers and trading partners, and
  • have a secure reporting channel (whistleblowing) in Place.

Company specific focus areas
A sustainability section has been included in each of our listed core investments’ value creation plans, with an overview of the sustainability performance, our view and two to three company specific focus areas. All companies have different focus areas depending on the risks and opportunities that are relevant for their business. Examples of focus areas are continued focus on innovation, energy efficiency and diversity.

The company specific focus areas are presented annually to Investor’s Board of Directors, and we communicate the plan at least annually to the chairpersons and encourage him or her to discuss it with the rest of the board.

Continuous follow-up
Investor considers sustainability matters in all of our investing activities. Through the annual Investor sustainability questionnaire, sent out to all portfolio companies for a self-assessment of their sustainability work, we follow-up and monitor our sustainability guidelines.

Our analysts support and monitor the development continuously and the company specific focus areas are monitored through the same process and principles as for the value creation plans as a whole, i.e. through our board work. If a serious sustainability related issue occurs in one of our companies, the business team is responsible for raising the matter internally within Investor and for monitoring the steps the company takes to address the issue. The business team is also responsible for reporting the process and actions taken to relevant people within Investor. Investor’s board representatives are responsible to ensure that relevant actions are being made within the company.

Our sustainability model - as an owner


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