UN Global Compact

Progress of Investor’s sustainability approach 2016 based on UN Global Compact.

Human rights
Investor supports the UN Global Compact and its ten principles as well as the OECD guidelines on Multinational Enterprises. We also support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights.

Investor expects all our companies to continuously improve their work with human rights.

Actions in 2016 - examples from our companies

  • Mölnlycke has implemented a company-wide global trade policy which, among others, includes the handling of trade restrictions and workers’ rights, and is formed in line with the UN Guiding principles on Human Rights. During 2016, the policy was implemented and 90 percent of the employees in the selected target groups have attended training. The implementation process will continue the coming year and include annual training, monitoring and audits, to ensure compliance with the policy.
  • Permobil continued its work to make sure that the high standards included in the company’s Code of Conduct, are spread throughout the organization and that Permobil’s suppliers live up to the standards, for instance by ensuring that the supply agreements contain appropriate requirements regarding human rights, environmental, and working safety issues and business conduct.
  • Sobi is actively working to increase access to rare disease treatment in developing countries, both through raising awareness as well as through bridging programs and humanitarian donations. By year end 2016, Sobi, in partnership with Bioverativ, had donated 203 million units of Elocta and Alprolix – enabling the treatment of 11,000 people in 40 countries by addressing 12,500 bleeds and almost 700 surgeries. The percentage of children who receive treatment trough the donation program in these countries has doubled.

Investor shall ensure compliance with labor and employment laws, including working hours. Furthermore, the right to collective bargaining is recognized at Investor. An employee no discrimination policy is included in Investor’s Code of Conduct. Violations connected to discrimination must be reported to the closest manager, HR or through our whistleblower system.

Investor expects all our companies to continuously improve labor and working conditions.

Actions in 2016 - examples from our companies

  • ABB arranged its third annual safety week under the theme ‘Living our story safely’. Core modules included a Safety observation tour, Safety disciplines, and Communication for safety. In total, more than 160,000 employees attended 4,500 sessions during the week.
  • Aleris’s conducted a “we-learning” (e-learning for groups) program during 2016, in order to increase the awareness of its ethical guidelines and provide an understanding of how to interact in accordance with Aleris’ values, vision and business concept. The program clarifies the connection between the ethical guidelines and the employee’s everyday work. Overall, 5,200 answers were received and the feedback indicates that the program contributed to increased awareness.
  • SEB introduced a global health index based on the questions in the employee survey Insight. This is the first global tool to measure the working environment and health at both the divisional and national level. At group level, the index was 81 in 2016. Going forward, this will be an important tool to further identify health and work environment related changes and needs among employees in the organization.

Investor’s direct environmental impact is limited, but Investor always strives to avoid unnecessary impact on the environment and to further reduce its environmental impact. Investor carbon-offsets all flights, which corresponds to approximately 75% of investors carbon footprint. In accordance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and Swedish law, Investor also reports and analyses its energy use. The energy review is to be done every fourth year and results in suggestions to further reduce energy use and environmental impact.

Investor works together with our suppliers on how to continuously keep in mind the environmental and climate footprint by applying supporting principles such as a zero-waste attitude, effective transportation, offering vegetarian food, organic fruit and coffee and recycling office waste.

Investor expects all of its companies to continuously reduce the environmental impact and to encourage their stakeholders, such as suppliers and trading partners, to meet the same expectations.

Actions in 2016 - examples from our companies

  • Husqvarna Group has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 10 percent across the company’s value chain by 2020 and the absolute greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 33 percent by 2035, both from a base year of 2015. The company also decided to allow an independent party to review the goals, and in December 2016 the goals were approved by the Science-Based Target Initiative.
  • Vectura implemented a sustainability policy which states that new constructions and redevelopment shall achieve set climate and environmental targets. For example, the share of renewable energy and renewable materials should be increased and digital solutions should be implemented to reduce climate impact.
  • Wärtsilä 31 is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine. It is the first of a new generation of medium speed engines, designed to set a new benchmark in efficiency and overall emissions performance. The launch of the Wärtsilä 31 introduces a 4-stroke engine having the best fuel economy of any engine in its class. At the same time, it maintains outstanding performance across the complete operating range. Its modular design enables a significant reduction in maintenance time and costs, thereby improving power availability and reducing the need for spare parts.

It is of the highest importance that Investor and its companies adhere to and comply with all given legislations and regulations as well as setting a bar for how to act and behave in society – always with the highest ethics.

Investor expects all our companies to continuously improve their work against corruption and bribery.

Actions in 2016 - examples from our companies

  • Atlas Copco updated the Business Code of Practice training for white collar employees and completed the training package for blue collar workers. The training describes the importance of the Business Code of Practice, how it is used and how to report violations of the code. It is a class-room training with interactive discussion about cases covering issues such as corruption, human rights, health and safety.
  • BraunAbility was acquired by Investor in 2015 and since then, the sustainability focus within the company has increased. Among other things, an Anti-Corruption policy was approved by its Board of Directors, and training and implementation will continue during the following year.
  • Saab has revised and updated its internal regulations regarding gifts and representation, and sponsorship and social commitment. The company has also, alongside the regular training program, organized special training in anti-corruption for its Board of Directors and for the purchasing function.
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