Investor Talks 2016

On Saturday October 15, Investor Talks was held at Aula Medica, Stockholm. Investor Talks focused on the business philosophy at the heart of Investor, that “to move from the old to what is about to come, is the only tradition worth keeping.” You can watch the event in full below.

    • Transforming Investor – The next 100 years, Liselotte Östblom, Introduction by Jacob Wallenberg

    • Transforming the world map – Connectivity is destiny, Parag Khanna

    • Transforming healthcare – Mapping out our medical future, Mathias Uhlén

    • Transforming intelligence – A new era of collaboration, Danica Kragic

    • Transforming sport – Victory in the face of adversity

    • Transforming music – Keeping in tune with the future, Staffan Scheja

    • Transforming perspectives – Reaching for the stars, Per Hallberg

    • Transforming the mind – Training a new generation of 21st century leaders, Swedish Memory Team

    • Transforming science – Numbers shape the world around us, Marcus du Sautoy

    • Listen to the future - Voices of the next generation, The Royal College of Music and Adolf Fredrik’s Music School

investor pattern