Investor engages in: 1000 summer jobs for Stockholm's young people

2020-06-11 12:00

As a result of the Corona pandemic, thousands of summer jobs have disappeared. Due to this, the City of Stockholm announced a procurement which Fryshuset, collaborating with Novare, participated in. The task is now to provide 1000 young people meaningful employment during the summer of 2020. Through collaboration between Fryshuset and Novare, "Beredskapslyftet" will create: 1000 summer jobs for Stockholm's young people.

Beredskapslyftet: Sommar 1000 sommarjobb för Stockholms unga

- Through a procurement we can now, together with Fryshuset and Novare, provide another 1000 summer jobs to Stockholm's young people. For many young people who have had a tough spring, a job this summer that provides important experiences for the future and a first line on the CV means a lot. We are delighted by the great engagement that exists in the business community and society - it means a lot for young people's opportunities on the labor market, ”says Karin Ernlund (C), labor market citizenship council in the City of Stockholm.

"Beredskapslyftet": the Summer project is a collaboration between Fryshuset and Novare on behalf of the City of Stockholm, which is also partly funding the project through the procurement. The other financiers are the Marcus Foundation and the Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund, Goldman Sachs, Investor, SEB and Tre.

 - The Wallenberg Foundations have supported Fryshuset for a long time and most recently within the framework of "Education for increased integration" and we are happy to continue to support Fryshuset in this very important work to offer summer jobs and activities for children and young people", says Peter Wallenberg Jr, Chair of the Wallenberg Foundations.

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