Operational Risks

Operational risks are defined as the risk of loss due to inadequacies in internal routines, processes or systems, or the risk of disruptions to operations from external events.

In addition to the high level of awareness of operational risks in the organization, policies and instructions are in place in every unit and at the Group level, which govern how activities are to be conducted. These policies and instructions apply to system and personnel issues, administrative processes, information security, legal issues and more.

The process is followed up on an ongoing basis to determine and strengthen appropriate control measures. Even if Risk Control, Internal Control and Compliance functions are in place, control of operational risks depends on the efforts of all employees.

The annual risk assessment process is an important tool for identifying operational risks and other types of risks. One important aspect of this is the Group's endeavor to maintain a high level of professionalism and sound ethics. These ambitions, along with the strict policies and effective control procedures, help to significantly reduce operational risks.

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