Share Information

In this section you will find data on Investor's total return and share price development, historically as well as on a daily basis. You will also find other information related to the Investor share, such as the ownership structure of Investor AB.

The Investor share at a glance
Total return is the best measure of the share price trend of an industrial holding company like Investor. Total return is defined as share price performance including reinvested dividends.

The Investor share is quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. You can purchase or sell shares through banks and stockbrokers. Such institutions charge a commission for their services.

The nominal amount of each share is SEK 6.25. Class A shares each confer one vote, and class B shares one-tenth of one vote. The dividend per share is the same for class A and class B shares.

Ticker Codes
You need the tickers for Investor AB to follow the development of Investor shares through various stock systems.

Investor AB's B-shares are traded under the following codes:

  • INVEb.ST (Reuters)
  • INVEB SS (Bloomberg)
  • W:ISBF (Datastream)


  • The A-share: SE0000107401
  • The B-share: SE0000107419

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