Proposed 4:1 share split

Investor’s Board of Directors has proposed to the Annual General Meeting 2021 a 4:1 share split, implying that, providing approval of the proposal at the AGM, one Investor share is divided into four shares. The same conditions apply to both class A- and class B-shares. Provided that the AGM, taking place on May 5, 2021, approves the proposal, the Board of Directors will be mandated to decide upon a record date for the share split. This date will consequently not be decided upon until after the AGM on May 5.

The first dividend installment will be paid out before a potential share split and consequently amount to the proposed SEK 10 per share. Should the AGM approve the Board’s proposal of a 4:1 share split, the second installment will amount to SEK 1 per share (corresponding to SEK 4 per share before the split). This means that, assuming approval of the split proposal at the AGM, the split will be completed after the first dividend installment but prior to the second dividend installment.

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Proposed 4:1 share split

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