Historical share data

Here you will find information about corporate actions that have affected the Investor share historically.

You can also find information describing the development of Investor's share capital since the company's inception in 1916. This information can be useful if you would like to calculate the return on the Investor share for tax purposes for example.

4-to-1 split
On May 7, 1999, a 4:1 split was made, implying that every class A and B share was split into four shares of the same class.

As a consequence, the nominal value of the share was reduced from SEK 25 to SEK 6.25

Scania warrants
The covered warrants Investor shareholders received in 1996 matured on 4 June 1999. The taxable value of each warrant is SEK 8.10, a value significant in terms of calculating capital gains/losses on divestments completed and the acquisition value of shares in Scania.

Purchase rights in Saab
Investor shareholders received purchase rights in Saab in 1998, which could be utilized for subscription for shares in the company for a limited period.

The taxable value of each purchase right amounts to SEK 10.00, which is significant to the calculation of tax on dividends and the acquisition value of Saab shares.

Bonus issue in Investor 1990
During 1990 a bonus issue 3:2 was conducted, which meant that two shares entitled to a further three shares. Through the bonus issue the number of shares increased to 81 million.

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