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Investor is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and expect our portfolio companies to take on a proactive business approach to sustainability.

Responsible Owner

Since the adoption of Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement, the global business community has been acknowledged for its key role in contributing to a more sustainable world. We expect and support that our portfolio companies take on a proactive business approach to sustainability. We encourage our companies to invest in innovation and develop products that make a positive contribution to the environment. We follow-up our portfolio companies yearly regarding waste, water consumption and carbon emissions. The carbon emissions we monitor are both direct and indirect and we encourage our companies to set measurable targets.

Investor has a Sustainability Network with the portfolio companies’ Heads of Sustainability as a means for sharing experiences and knowledge. The network meets a three to four times per year to discuss different opportunities and challenges related to sustainability. In the beginning of 2019, Investor had a workshop regarding climate related risks and opportunities and financial disclosure.

Progress 2018

  • 75% of our Listed Companies report carbon emissions to CDP
  • 42% of our Listed Companies report Science Based Targets
  • 2.00 tonnes CO2e/SEK m. carbon emissions from the portfolio companies in relations to sales

Carbon emissions from our portfolio companies (absolute figures scope 1 and 2)
have decreased with 20% compared to 2016.


Responsible Company

Even though Investor’s direct environmental impact is limited, we want to do our share and minimize our negative impact and carbon footprint. We do this for example, by increasing the use of renewable energy in our offices, managing waste in an environmentally sound manner and by prioritizing environment-friendly travel alternatives.

Investor monitors and analyses greenhouse gas emissions on a yearly basis, which provides us with a tool to take further action to reduce our direct and indirect climate change impacts. Investor reports the carbon emissions to CDP. Investor’s largest source of emissions is business trips. We compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions from air travel through offsets.

Progress 2018

  • 100% renewable electricity in our main premises in Stockholm
  • 688 tonnes CO2e Investor’s carbon emissions (scope 1-3 excl. portfolio companies)

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