Innovation and Research

Investment in innovation is a key component in the development of sustainable and efficient products and services.

Responsible Owner

As an engaged long-term owner, we strive to empower our companies to invest and innovate. The future success of our companies depends on their capacity to drive change and to invest for the long-term in new solutions that are more resource efficient and that meet the needs of their customers, not only today but also tomorrow. We believe that this is instrumental for long-term value creation and thus for creating value for society and the planet.

Progress 2018

  • R&D/Sales: Listed companies 10.4% (10.3%)
  • R&D/Sales: Patricia Industries* 2.78% (2.75%)

* Excl. Aleris, Grand, Vectura, Sarnova and Three Scandinavia


Responsible Company

As an engaged and long-term owner of high quality companies, we can distribute dividends to our owners. Through our lead-owner, the Wallenberg Foundations, Investor is part of the Wallenberg eco-system. The Wallenberg Foundations purpose is the betterment of Sweden through funding excellent research and research projects and has awarded more than SEK 33 bn in grants since 1917. In 2018, Investor paid dividends of SEK 2.1 bn to the Wallenberg Foundations.

Progress 2018

  • 23% of our total dividend (approx. SEK 2.1 bn) was distributed to our lead-owner, the Wallenberg Foundations, whose purpose is to grant funding to scientific research in Sweden 


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