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We want to contribute to sustainable and long-term economic growth, while ensuring safe and fair working conditions.


Responsible Owner

We are convinced that people with different minds, perspectives and experiences make all the difference. Therefore, we take time to identify and develop talent to ensure that the best people are appointed to the boards and managements of our companies. We encourage and expect our companies to invest in competence development, promote inclusion and diversity, and to ensure non-discrimination as well as a safe and healthy work environment. Our belief is that this is how we can contribute to sustainable and long-term economic growth, while ensuring safe and fair working conditions.

Progress 2018

  • 500.000 employees
  • Diversity in the Board of Directors: In the Listed companies’, the share of women is 35%. In the portfolio the share of women amounts to 25%, the average age is 53 and there are 16 nationalities represented.
  • Diversity in the Group Management: The share of women in the portfolio companies’ management groups amounts to 24%, the average age is 51 and there are 22 nationalities represented.
  • 100% of our portfolio companies have an implemented Code of Conduct
  • 96% of our portfolio companies measure employee satisfaction on a regular basis


Responsible Company

As an employer, Investor focuses on providing an open and inclusive working environment where ethical behavior and respect for each individual is key. We are a small organization where each individual has the opportunity to impact the overall development. We believe that diversity and inclusion, making use of the total talent base available, build stronger and more dynamic teams. Our organization is well diversified in terms of age, gender and expertise.

We invest in and ensure that our employees can develop over time. The primary focus for competence development and up-skilling of our employees is on the job training. We also offer different opportunities to continuously learn and develop both in the short- and long-term perspective. These include external trainings, such as leadership and mentoring programs but also job rotations to portfolio companies. We run impact and development discussions with the overall objective to foster an environment where people can continuously grow and develop throughout a career and reach their full potential. Through employee surveys we follow up on engagement and motivation.

Investor strive to be a good corporate citizen and use our sponsor activities as a way to combine business-related involvement with a good citizen perspective. The areas we prioritize are youth, education and entrepreneurship. Investor supports several organizations that contribute to the development of society and entrepreneurship, such as IVA, SNS, Forum för Välfärd, Chambers of Commerce, Business Challenge and Young Enterprise Sweden.

Progress 2018

  • 92 employees
  • 50% Equal share of men and women in the company. The average age is 43.
  • 50% Equal share of men and women in the Extended Management Group. The average age is 48.
  • 40% Share of women in the Investor Board of Directors. The average age is 63.
  • 97% of our employees are proud of working at Investor

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