Johan Forssell new President and CEO of Investor from the Annual General Meeting 2015

Investor’s Board of Directors has appointed Johan Forssell as new President and CEO as of May 12, 2015. In line with this, Investor now takes another step to evolve its model. To clarify the ownership in the listed investments and add additional wholly-owned subsidiaries, a new division will be established. Investor’s organization will thereby consist of two clear divisions – one focusing on active ownership in listed core investments and one focusing on the development and expansion of the portfolio of wholly-owned subsidiaries.

To the press release 

  • Core Investments

    Listed holdings where we are lead owner and operating subsidiaries. Long ownerhip horizon and value creation from dividends, value appreciation and cash flow.

  • Financial Investments

    Investments in EQT funds, IGC and unlisted partner-owned companies. Financial Investments should generate dividends and net exit proceeds.

Our vision is to be recognized as a premier investor, supporting the development of our portfolio companies to become best-in-class.