Investor since 2005

2005 Investor sells part of its holding in ABB, AstraZeneca, Scania and SEB to restore strong financial flexibility. The Private Equity business area finalizes a number of successful transactions, such as the divestment of Bredbandsbolaget and Tessera. Jacob Wallenberg becomes Investor's new Chairman and Börje Ekholm is appointed President and CEO.

Jabob Wallenberg, Chair of the Board, Investor 

2006 Investor and EQT takes Gambro private. Husqvarna is spun out of Electrolux. WM-data is sold to LogicaCMG (U.K.). MAN makes a hostile bid for Scania that Investor, and later Volkswagen, rejects.

2007 MAN's hostile bid for Scania is withdrawn and an agreement is signed to sell OMX to Borse Dubai. Mölnlycke Health Care is acquired in partnership with Morgan Stanley Principal Investments. Gambro is divided into three independent entities, after which Gambro Healthcare is sold. Positions are increased in a number of Core Investments.

2008 Investor divests OMX to Nasdaq/Borse Dubai and Scania to Volkswagen. Both transactions are industrially sound in addition to generating attractive returns. Selected add-on investments are made in existing holdings and Lindorff is acquired. Investor ends the year with a strong net cash position.

2009 Investor invests in Biovitrum and supports the merger between Biovitrum and Swedish Orphan International (previously owned by Investor Growth Capital). Investor participates in SEB's and Husqvarna's new issues.

2010 Investor adds two subsidiaries through the acquisition of healthcare and care service provider Aleris and by acquiring additional shares in Mölnlycke Health Care. Investor acquires additional shares in Saab from BAE Systems, thereby clarifying the ownership structure in the company, and makes add-ons in Atlas Copco, Electrolux and Husqvarna. Additional shares are acquired in NASDAQ OMX which becomes the latest addition to Operating Investments.

"I personally believe that we are entering a period of increased competition. Globalization will continue, barriers of entry will fall further, developing countries are entering the world markets and the financial crisis is generating a new rules based environment that makes it even more challenging to be successful. If we are too slow in understanding how rapidly these markets are developing, and if the public is not aware how quickly the shift is occurring, we run the risk not of being bypassed but run over."

Jacob Wallenberg, Chair of the Board Investor, 2010

2011 Investor updates its strategy, presenting a new business structure - Core Investments and Financial Investments. In addition, Investor Growth Capital is launched as a stand-alone entity of Investor. A platform for healthy future cash flow generation is created and substantial cost savings are initiated. The updated business strategy is strongly focused on Core Investments. Investor further strengthens its position in ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, Husqvarna and NASDAQ OMX. CaridianBCT is divested.

2012 Investor acquires shares in Wärtsilä, in consensus with the main owner Fiskars, which becomes a new core investment. Investor further strengthens its positions in ABB and NASDAQ OMX. The cost reduction program, initiated in 2011, continued and Investor reached a more sustainable cost level of SEK 90-95 m. on a quarterly basis. Investor and EQT entered into an agreement to divest Gambro.


2013 Investor acquires the medical technology company Permobil, which becomes a new wholly-owned subsidiary. Permobil is a global leader in trusted healthcare solutions for power and manual wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, and power assist. Investor further strengthens its positions in ABB and Ericsson. Mölnlycke Health Care and Aleris are refinanced with all senior debt structures. Investor and EQT complete the divestiture of Gambro.

2014 Investor acquires additional shares in Wärtsila and becomes the largest shareholder. The majority in Lindorff is divested and Mölnlycke Health Care makes its first capital distribution to Investor, showing that the Investor cash flow generation model works. Investor further strengthens its position in ABB.