Goal 5 - Gender equality

Gender Equality SDG 5.5 - Ensure full participation in leadership and decision-making. 

Why: As Northern Europe’s largest industrial holding company we have a major role to contribute to gender equality and full participation in women decision-making. At Investor we strongly believe that diverse teams characterized by inclusion and different perspectives stimulate innovation and drive better decision-making. 

What we do: We encourage and expect our companies to invest in competence development, promote inclusion and diversity, and to ensure non-discrimination as well as a safe and healthy work environment. In 2020 we set long-term targets for increasing the underrepresented gender representation in Boards and management groups of our companies to a 40/60 ratio by 2030. Investor also participate in the SISD’s working group on gender equality which among other things have  performed a survey on how institutional investor are working with targets in order to promote gender equality.

One example - Driving Diversity

One company accellerating within Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is ABB, which has set clear D&I targets, KPI’s and has a strong executive sponsorship. ABB arranges trainings for managers and employees on how to interrupt unconscious bias, form inclusive teams, acceptance and tolerance. Targeted campaigns as well as mentor- and sponsor programs are being used to amplify the company’s commitment. The D&I strategy is built on three pillars and is integrated throughout the entire organization:

  • Governance - Processes, policies, tools and best practices that enable an environment of D&I and equal opportunities.
  • Inclusive Leadership & Culture - Plans, actions and mechanisms to create both individual and collective ownership of D&I outcomes.
  • Partnerships - Create awareness, garner support, engage within and outside of ABB and drive employer attractiveness.

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