Investor is ranked one of the most gender equal companies

2019-10-07 10:00

Investor has an even gender distribution in Group Management and has been placed on Allbright's green stock exchange list.

Every year, Allbright ranks the listed companies from best to worst in promoting women to the management team. The gender equality companies are listed on Allbright's green stock exchange list, the mediocre companies are placed on the yellow stock exchange list and the male-dominated companies are listed on the red stock exchange list. You can read more about Allbrights report here:

Investor focuses on providing an open and inclusive working environment where ethical behavior and respect for each individual is key. As a small organization, each individual has the opportunity to impact the overall development. We believe that diversity and inclusion, making use of the total talent base available, build stronger and more dynamic teams. Our organization is well diversified in terms of age, gender and expertise.


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