Marcus Wallenberg appointed deputy Chairperson of EQT AB

2021-06-04 12:00

EQT AB today announces that the board of directors has appointed Marcus Wallenberg as deputy Chairperson. Following the EQT AB Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on 2 June 2021, the board of directors of EQT AB comprises Conni Jonsson (Chairperson), Marcus Wallenberg (deputy Chairperson), Margo Cook, Edith Cooper, Johan Forssell, Nicola Kimm, Diony Lebot and Gordon Orr.

Conni Jonsson, Chairperson of the EQT AB board of directors, comments, ”I am very pleased that the board of directors of EQT AB has appointed Marcus Wallenberg to be deputy Chairperson. Marcus will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from multiple industries and sectors which will no doubt be of great benefit, both to me and the entire board of directors. With Marcus as deputy Chairperson, EQT AB will have robust and sustainable board leadership suitable for a global, fast growing and constantly evolving organization.”


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