Katarina Berg


  • Director since 2024
  • Born 1968
  • Nationality: Swedish

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Current assignments

  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Spotify
  • Director: HR theRealDeal, Personio, EFD (Elitfotboll Dam)

Work experience

  • Director: Bonnier Ventures, House of Education, Nowa Kommunikation 
  • Advisory Board member: Bambuser, ToppHälsa (Bonnier Tidskrifter), 4potentials, Chef
    SVP, Head of HR & Communications: Rusta
  • Head of HR, Baltic Banking: Swedbank
  • Head of Group Organisational Development: Swedbank
  • VP Human Resources, Scandinavia: 3 Scandinavia
  • VP HR: Kanal 5
  • HO Group Organizational Development (HR): Preem


  • Master of Arts in Human Resources Management Development in Behavioral Science, Lund University 


Independent of the company and its management
Independent of the company's major shareholders


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