Petra Hedengran

General Counsel, Head of Corporate Governance and responsible for investments in EQT funds

  • Member of the Executive Leadership Team since 2007
  • Employed in 2007
  • Born 1964
  • Nationality: Swedish

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Current assignments

  • Director: Electrolux, The Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market, Research Institute of Industrial Economics

Work experience

  • Director: Alecta, EQT Partners, Lindorff Group, Svenska Skeppshypotekskassan, The Swedish Export Credit Corporation, Allmänna Änke- och Pupillkassan
  • Partner and Head of Banking and Financing Group: Advokatfirman Lindahl
  • Legal Counsel and General Counsel: ABB Financial Services, Nordic Region
  • Assistant Judge: Stockholms Tingsrätt
  • Associate: Gunnar Lindhs Advokatbyrå


  • Masters of Law, University of Stockholm

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