Our highly skilled employees are at the center of our business model. It is only with their commitment and mindset that we can create long-term value.


Working at Investor means having the opportunity to make an impact either within the investment organization or as a specialist within our corporate functions. Being part of a small team within a specific area, leads to a strong sense of team commitment and responsibility.

We form business teams for each company we are engaged in. The business teams consist of our board representatives, investment managers and analysts. The business teams analyze the industries and benchmark the companies’ performance versus their competitors. Based on the analysis, we develop and constantly refine value creation plans for each company. These plans identify strategic key value drivers that the companies should focus on, in order to maximize long-term value.

Since we are a small organization, each individual is truly important for the value creation and therefore we have high expectations on each and everyone. 

We are convinced that top quality individuals with diverse minds make all the difference. However, to enjoy the work we believe some attributes to be more important, such as passion, open-mindedness and collaboration, along with an interest in strategic and financial considerations.

We strive to create a sustainable and attractive workplace that is truly purpose driven and where people feel that they, based on our core values, can contribute and develop.

Investor applies flexible working time and our philosophy  is that you are given a high degree of freedom while considering what best fits the needs of the business. At the same time we strongly believe that magic happens when we interact and meet with our colleagues.

Creating a work-life balance is prioritized at Investor. All employees shall be able to combine their work with the responsibilities parenthood brings. We actively work so that employees are not disadvantaged because of their parenthood in any respect. We also have Employee Benefits, which are selected to assist work-life balance in line with our culture. 

Investor's Employee Handbook provides guidance and clarity regarding company policy in key areas linked to the employment at Investor. The Handbook is prepared by Investor Human Relations and approved by Investor’s Management Group. 

With us, you have the opportunity to make an impact either within one of our two investment organizations or as a specialist within our corporate functions.

We offer internships every spring and fall and typically open our application processes in September and February. 

We like to keep a close dialog with students, through presentations at selected universities. We invite students to come and meet with us at Investor to interact and share our personal view of what we do and how we do it. We also participate at student fairs at selected Universities. 

Visit our Student page to learn more about our internships.

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