We create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable businesses

Our Purpose

Our Strategy

We are facing an increasingly complex and fast-moving environment. In the coming years, sustainability, innovation and digitalization, as well as increased competition for talent, will shape Investor and our companies. 

Sustainable value creation process
Each company we are engaged in has a dedicated business team, consisting of our board representatives in the company and investment professionals at Investor. The business teams build company knowledge, benchmark versus competition and evaluate corporate structures. Considerable time is being spent on finding
and capturing value-creating opportunities offered by long-term trends such as new technology and sustainability. Based on the analysis, we develop and constantly refine value creation plans, identifying strategic key value drivers that we believe that the companies should focus on to maximize long-term value. We present these plans to the company's Chair and CEO, drive them in the board discussions and follow up on the progress.

Our ultimate target to generate an attractive total return, is supported by our strategic and operating priorities: 


Total Shareholder Return SIXRX -23

12.3 bn

SEK paid dividend of which 2.9 bn to our main owners, the Wallenberg Foundations


CO2e emission reduction compared to 2016, Investor AB


CO2e emission reduction from portfolio companies compared to 2016

180 bn

SEK, R&D spending in our companies

Building best-in-class companies

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We create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable businesses

Interim Report January-June 2023

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Annual Report 2022

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