Our Strategy

We are facing an increasingly complex, fast-moving environment. In the coming years, sustainability, digitalization, an intensifying competition for talent and geopolitics will shape both Investor and our companies.

Against this background, and guided by our purpose to create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable businesses, we continue our efforts to futureproof Investor and our companies.

Our priorities remain unchanged, but we have clarified which we define as strategic and which we define as operating. Our ultimate goal, to generate an attractive total return, is underpinned by three strategic priorities:

• Grow our net asset value

• Pay a steadily rising dividend

• Deliver on our ESG targets

Our operating priorities support the strategic priorities:

• Engaged ownership

• Ensure an attractive portfolio

• Operate efficiently

• Maintain financial flexibility

How we do it - Our Business Model

Clear governance model 

Our model builds on clear roles and responsibilities between us as an owner, the companies' boards and managements.

Strong portfolio 

We have a portfolio of market-leading companies with high exposure to attractive long-term trends.

Right people at the right place 

We devote considerable time identifying and developing competence to ensure that we have the best people with different mindsets at Investor as well as in the boards and managements of our companies.

Strong industrial network 

We use our extensive professional network to identify, evaluate and capture attractive business opportunities.

Financial Flexibility 

Our strong balance sheet and cash fl ow allow us to support our companies, capture investment opportunities and pay a steadily rising dividend.


Value Creation Plans

Each company we are engaged in has a dedicated business team, consisting of our board representatives, investment managers and analysts. The business teams analyze the industries and benchmark the companies’ performance versus their competitors. Based on the analysis, we develop and constantly refine value creation plans for each company. These plans identify strategic key value drivers that the companies should focus on, in order to maximize long-term value.

We create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable businesses

Information about the second dividend installment

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Monday Oct 18, 13.30 CET, Interim Management Statement Q3 2021

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