“2-Infinity” vacuum cleaner

Driving Value Creation through collaboration

“We have reached a point where society demands that the industry takes responsibility. If you don’t engage in sustainability issues, you will lose both customers and staff – you will not survive as a company. But if you properly address these issues you will not only support global environmental goals – you will probably also do better business.”

Jacob Wallenberg, Chair of Investor 

The 2-Infinity project: a circular collaboration
The project is a partnership between Electrolux and Stena Recycling to learn how to design products in a more circular way so that the products are first of all built with recycled materials in mind as well as easier to recycle.

The appliance is close to being fully recyclable, to a level of 90% compared to around 75% for a regular vacuum cleaner on the market. 

By being designed to be highly recyclable at its end-of-life, the vacuum cleaner promotes the circular use of resources by making it as easy as possible to recover and recycle its various components and materials.

“The development of 2-Infinity has given us opportunities to exchange knowledge with expert partners and gain insight into how we can create and produce even more sustainable products globally.” 

“There is a tremendous shift in consumer expectations on companies to show progress and conviction in areas concerning sustainability, which requires significant innovation.” 

Martin Hedström, Head of Insights & Innovation at Electrolux

Driving Value Creation through collaboration

There is a need for cooperation, concrete plans, and bold goals. The manufacturing industry can do more to prevent waste from being generated and also take better advantage of residual material that arises at various stages in the industry. With technological development and new wider collaborations, resources can be saved, and more circular flows created. It is a necessity if resources are to suffice even tomorrow.

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