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Driving Value Creation through add-on acquisitions

Advanced Instruments is one of our latest companies within our Business Area Patricia Industries. Advanced Instruments is a global provider of osmolality testing instrumentation and consumables for the clinical, biopharmaceutical and food & beverage markets. 

Through an add-on acquisition of Solentim, funded mainly by Patricia Industries, Advanced Instruments can add a highly complementary, differentiated and innovative portfolio of bioprocessing instruments and consumables to the company. It will also expand the commercial and R&D capabilities of Advanced Instruments' biopharmaceuticals business.AIEmail_2020TradeIn_Dec2020 | Advanced instruments

Byron Selman, the CEO of Advanced Instruments, on how this will Drive Value Creation: 

How will this add-on add value to Advanced Instruments? 

Solentim will add value to Advanced Instruments on several dimensions. First and foremost, we believe the people in the Solentim organization will add significant value to our business – we have great respect for what they’ve achieved, and are excited to benefit from their commercial and R&D capabilities in particular. There is also very good overlap from a product portfolio, customer, and geographic perspective between Solentim and Advanced Instruments, which we believe will make the whole more valuable than the sum of its parts. Lastly, Solentim has an attractive financial profile which should in turn drive value creation.

How will this add value to your customers? 

Our organizational mission is to accelerate the development of customer-centric solutions that enable the delivery of life-saving therapies and treatments. We carry that mission with us as we think about the Solentim instruments, all of which are used to accelerate and improve the development of biopharmaceutical products. We plan to significantly increase commercial and R&D investment in the Solentim organization and product portfolio, which we believe will add significant value to our customers – the commercial investment will make Solentim (and AI) instruments more broadly available to our customers with enhanced customer support and services, and the R&D investment will drive continuous improvement of the instruments to enhance their ability to help customers achieve their cell line development goals.

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