The Investment Case

Generating Attractive Total Shareholder Returns

A proven model for value creation
For more than 100 years, Investor has successfully built strong and sustainable companies. Using our extensive experience, proven governance model, dedicated team and wide network, we drive initiatives that
maximize long-term value.

Exposure to profitable growth
Our listed and unlisted industry-leading companies within engineering, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, financial services and technology, are well positioned to capture opportunities relating to secular growth trends, such as demographics, digitalization, automation and electrification.

Highly competitive investment alternative
Our strong balance sheet and cash fl ow generation enable us to invest and support our goal to pay a steadily rising dividend. We operate efficiently, with low management costs in relation to our assets.


Average annual adjusted NAV growth, 5 years


%, Management cost, of adjusted net asset value


%, annual TSR over the past 20 years (12% SIXRX)

Pay a steadily rising dividend

Our strong cash fl ow generation supports our
strategic priority to pay a steadily rising dividend.

We create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable businesses

Interim Report January-June 2023

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Annual Report 2022

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