Repurchase of own shares

Authorization to repurchase shares in place since 2000
The Board of Directors proposed to the Annual General Meeting that it should extend the authorization of the board to decide on the repurchase of the company's shares. Under this mandate, the Board was given the opportunity until the next Annual General Meeting - provided it deems this appropriate - to decide on the repurchase of the company's shares.

Repurchases can amount up to 10 percent of the total shares outstanding in Investor. Any repurchases may be effected over the stock exchange or through offerings to shareholders. It is also proposed that the board's mandate include the possibility to transfer repurchased shares.

Shares repurchased for hedging long-term incentive programs
The board has previously utilized authorization within Investor AB to repurchase own shares to hedge the company's long-term incentive program.  

Repurchase of own shares for capital structure purposes
No other buybacks of own shares have been carried out since Investor considers it more attractive from a long-term ownership perspective to invest capital in new and existing holdings with a high return potential.