Contribution to UN Global Goals

Investor is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read how we contribute to the Global Goals.

The United Nations has adopted 17 Global Goals for 2030 that world leaders have pledged to achieve. Cross-sector collaboration between civil society, academia and the business community is key to achieve these goals. Investor is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to a number of them. 

Explore how we and our companies contribute to the UN Global Goals

Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals

Investor work together with other Swedish investors and share knowledge. We are for example involved in Swedish Investors for Sustainable Development (SISD) with the aim of developing more efficient performance indicators and processes to measure development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Electrolux strive to bring resource-efficient products, manufactured in a sustainable way, to as many people as possible. They have set science-based climate targets aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C this century. With this ambitious targets, they will prevent millions of metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. 

Goal 13: Climate action

ABB is contributing to achieving the climate goals with their pioneering technologies. One example is power transformers to a wind farm in the North Sea. The second phase of the immense Borssele wind farm is being built 22 kilometers off the coast of the Netherland. One of the critical components to the wind farm is the innovative WindSTAR that enable a new generation of powerful offshore wind turbines to operate at high voltage. This significantly reduces losses and increases efficiency. 

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

SEB is one of the largest microfinance fund managers in Europe. They manage six microfinance funds with a total value of around SEK 9bn, reaching more than 25 million entrepreneurs in 59 countries. Access to financial products enables growth of small to medium enterprises and fosters job creation and economic development. Access to financial services can curb income inequality, increasing economic opportunities and well-being over time. 

Goal 5: Gender equality

As part of AstraZeneca’s commitment to diversity and inclusion they have implemented different initiatives across the globe, such as women’s networks, unconscious bias training and employee resource groups. AstraZeneca support mentoring relationships by introducing mentoring by senior females for emerging talent. In 2020, women comprise 50.5% of the global workforce, 46.9% in senior roles and 33% in the Executive Team.

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