We strive to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics and we value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business. Through our whistleblower system, both employees and external parties can report suspected violations of law or business ethics. Investor’s employees are the most important source of insight for revealing possible misconduct that needs to be addressed. Investor organizes regular training for employees. The purpose of the whistleblowing system is to encourage employees and other stakeholders to blow the whistle on suspected misconduct without any risk of retaliation, as well as to ensure an appropriate investigation process.

Our trustworthiness and long-term success is built on our business principles, described in our Code of Conduct. You have an important role in raising your concern if you suspect a wrongdoing that is not in line with our Code of Conduct. This gives us the possibility to prevent or correct any improper activity.

If you feel you cannot be open with your information, you are welcome to report your suspicions in a secure manner by using our whistleblowing service. You can report anonymously. There are no negative reprisals due to reporting a violation. The service is managed by the external party WhistleB. The service is available 24 hours a day and the report can be made on local language.  Reports are handled confidentially by Investor’s Legal department.

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